Meeting Madness

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Meeting Madness? Frankly, you do have a choice.

According to Forbes® magazine, a recent survey reported that 85% of executives indicated they were unsatisfied with the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings at their companies; yet many of these management-level men and women spend more than half of their time in meetings.

The reality is that meetings have changed; they’re more virtual, frequent, and increasingly hard to schedule. A few supporting factoids;  61% of meetings start on time, 66% lack a clearly stated objective and agenda, 70% veer of topic and 73% lack any form of effective follow-up in regards to action items and outcomes.

So, how can you, the business leader or business professional grab this meeting tiger by the tail?

Start with a few simple practices which can yield a huge positive impact.

I challenge you to consider the following questions before you accept your next meeting invite, or, before you schedule a meeting.

  1. Does the meeting have an outcome?
  2. Do you play a key role in that outcome?
  3. Are all the key pieces and players in place?
  4. Will your attendance/contribution be as critical as completing something else?
  5. What is the value if you go to this meeting; what is the risk if you do not?

This is the first post in a series of posts related to meeting management; take this month’s challenge  (above) and look forward to a new opportunity area in my post next month.

Tracy Parks

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