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Can You Relate?

  • An email inbox flooded with messages dating back weeks, months or possibly years?
  • Time allocated towards working on a high priority initiative de-railed by the “tyranny of the urgent”?
  • Physical stacks of papers, notes files and miscellaneous “stuff” cover your desk; fill your file cabinets, storage spaces and physical office area?
  • The digital desktop is obscured with files, folders, icons and shortcuts?
  • You struggle with surging volumes of digital content; much of it unstructured and scattered across multiple repositories?
  • Searches for digital and/or paper documents are time consuming, frustrating and far too frequent?
  • Finding what you need when you need it, well, is just not happening?
  • The inbox has become an ever expanding list of others priorities for your time?
  • Poorly planned or executed meetings are robbing you of valuable time?
  • Have tasks lists and management systems failed to support your workflow?


Ready to Simplify?  

  • Turn mountains of paper into an organized system or opt to move towards a less paperless environment.
  • Overcome the insanity of jammed inboxes and digital landfills; after all, technology is a great servant but a terrible master.
  • Create a personalized, practical and consistent approach to manage your time, tasks priorities and information.
  • Master your digital tools; find what you need when you need it.
  • Participate in fewer, better meetings.

Customized Workflow

Let’s work together to develop the best solution for you and design an approach that works.

The Purpose:

Coaching is purposed to help you discover and execute on the attainment of your unique productivity goals. Our role is that of a mentor providing expertise, personal accountability coaching calls, and ongoing access to training and resources. A key to success lies in the agreement we make towards accountability - we will establish weekly goals and create a mutually agreed upon road map that will move you step-by-step towards the attainment of your goals. During this journey it's essential you partner with us to take ownership of the outcome which is creating a productive environment where you will accomplish your work and enjoy your life.

The Process: (provided on site, virtually, or in combination)

  • Step 1: Complete the complimentary benchmarking assessment
  • Step 2: Together we complete the Productive Environment Process™ to create the framework for our work together.
  • Step 3: Agree upon benchmarks and standards to measure progress and success
  • Step 4: Create and agree upon key milestones and individual tasks.
  • Step 5: Schedule (in advance) coaching calls, check-ins and training appointments.
  • Step 6: Get started on  the journey to increased productivity and decreased stress.

The Payoff

A personalized, guided experience providing you tools, solutions, coaching, active exercises and support  that will enable you to create and enjoy a Productive Environment. We guarantee a 10% increase in productivity by whatever measure you choose.  All our products and services are 100% guaranteed. If you think we have fallen short of your needs or expectations, we will immediately address the situation or offer a complete refund.

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